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Inspiration for Baby Ellington

Video discusses briefly why Baby Ellington was created.

Our Story

A personal note




In 2006 Baby Ellington was founded after the creation of its first book, “My Hair is Curly”, which is a heartwarming story of a little girl who comes home from school and reveals she hates her Curly hair. After hearing a story about wishing, she decides to make a wish and quickly learns all the things that she would miss if she were just like everyone else.

As parents, my husband and I work effortlessly to instill a great sense of pride, confidence and self respect in our children. We seek only to share our success through the creation of books and other animated resources that deal in a lighthearted way with the every day habits, concerns, fears and frustrations of young children. Our desire is to help children be proud of who they are and what they can become. 

Currently Baby Ellington works with a small consortium of authors, illustrators and editors who proactively engage, consult and contract with a number of organizations across the country on the development of children’s stories.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site! Our hope is that you find something that encourages your heart as a parent.


Sabrina Carter


Baby Ellington, LLC

Our Products


Thank you for visiting our store. Our goal at Baby Ellington is to provide products that motivate and instill confidence in young children while empowering parents with new, creative and effective Parenting techniques. We take pride in knowing that our children along with  Jewish, African-American, bi-racial and Hispanic families have benefited from the positive images depicted.

Our Services


Author Reading:

Duration: 30-45 mins

Designed for Pre-K through Second grade students, this service includes the reading of one or two books in the Impact of Positive Parent Child Relationship series. Students learn age-appropriate communication skills and gain an understanding of proper ways to resolve disputes and social conflicts. 

Parent/Parenting Workshop

Positive Parent-Child Relationships – Duration: 45 to 60 mins

The Impact of Positive Parent Child Relationship workshop focuses on helping parents and educators nurture children in every stage of their development. With an emphasis on education, this workshop takes a subtle approach to raising the awareness of emotional forms of abuse that can lead to social and developmental problems in pre-adolescent children.   

Featured Products

Author Reading: Book Order Forms

Please email book orders to info@babyellington.net two weeks prior to a scheduled author visit. For parent purchases through schools and organizations, we encourage requesting forms be returned to you at least three (3) weeks prior to the author reading for processing purposes. If you have questions or would like to schedule an author reading, please email Sabrina Carter at sabrina@babyellington.net.

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We love our customers! Tell us about your Curly hair little one or an experience you've had with your pre-schooler and self esteem. Do you struggle with yelling and want to learn techniques to gain control? We want to hear from you on this and other informative Parenting topics. Email us with your stories or requests and we will get back to you!

Baby Ellington, LLC